Australia’s #1 Hammock

Posted on July 04 2017

The most popular hammock in Australia is the Queen sized Mexican Hammock. There are several reasons for this:


  1. - Luxurious amount of room for use by one person. Spread out and enjoy the luxury of space and floating comfort with some alone time.
  2. - Large enough for two adults to comfortably relax in, or swap an adult for a couple of children. The queen hammock is a great option for reading and enjoying time with you children in.
  3. - Authentic diamond weave to maximise airflow, comfort & strength. No more sweaty patches, or painful rope digging into your body, Mexican woven hammocks have a very tight yet soft weave so your body weight is distributed evenly through the hammock, yet still allows air to circulate around your body as you relax.
  4. - Supports weight up to 200kg and with multiple suspension cords you know you are safe and secure in this hammock.
  5. - Available in single, dual or multiple colour options to match your setting and decor. Brighten up your outdoor living or find a colour to tie in with your existing colour theme, Mexican hammocks come in beautiful colour ranges.
  6. - Comes in the option of soft cotton or nylon depending on what you want. Soft cotton for the best in hammock comfort or durable nylon for better weather resistance.
  7. - Makes a great value gift. Unique, hand-woven, fair trade a Mexican hammock is sure to impress!
  8. - Will be the talking point of your next bbq and many more to come! The only problem is everyone will want a turn, you may not get one till they all leave!
  9. - Celebrities love hammocks - so will you!


To view our Queen hammock range please visit our online showroom. We have a special range of 12 colour options providing something for everyone. If you have a particular colour or combination of colours in mind please contact us. We can arrange for a custom hammock to be made just for you! Should you need a larger or smaller hammock than our queen size, that is not a problem we have both larger, smaller and different styles of hammocks to suit or requirements and preferences.

Need a smaller or larger hammock, or a different style – see our complete hammock range.


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