5 Reasons to own a Hammock

Posted on May 14 2015

5 Reasons to own a Hammock

Rest, relaxation, enjoyment, reduced stress and increased family time are great benefits obtained by owning an using a hammock regularly.

1. Rest: Early starts, long days and working late nights all add up tiring the body and mind. By the weekend are feeling the effects. Perhaps a bit run down, sleep deprived and simply tired from the long working week. A hammock provides a great way to combat these effects. Use one to catch up on some sleep and rest for the body and mind! You'll be amazed how quickly you will feel the pull of sleep. Whether you are wanting a bed to sleep the whole night through, a quick powernap or to grab and extra hour or two of sleep, a hammock provides the perfect solution.

2. Relaxation: A hammock is designed simply for relaxation. There isn't really anything comparable in terms of providing a relaxing experience than a hammock. The simplicity of laying back in a hammock as it gently sways away is relaxation at its finest. The basic notion of 'doing nothing' is so easy to achieve in a hammock. Enjoy a haven of relaxation in your favourite spot. From trees, to your verandah or patio, or anywhere else you enjoy spending relaxing hammock time. Lie back and let your body sink into the relaxing embrace of a hammock. Regular relaxation will provide many benefits to your health, body and mind.

3. Enjoyment: A cold beer, cocktail, wine or your favorite drink, plus warm sun and you'll feel like you are on holiday! A hammock is made to be enjoyed - and the more often the better. Enjoy the simple pleasure in a hammock with a good book, taking in a great view, daydreaming and snoozing, or with good company as you enjoy your piece of paradise in your hammock. With a large enough hammock such as a king size there is space for the whole family to enjoy time together in. Enjoy quality family time together, time alone with a loved one or just enjoy chilling out doing not a lot!

4. Stress: We all need to take time out from our busy schedules and routines to kick back and destress. While gently swaying away in a hammock you'll be amazed how quickly your problems fade or solve themselves and solutions will easily come to mind. Your stresses easily drift away as you can reflect and consider options without interruptions and noise  as you sway away in a hammock. A hammock gives you an ideal environment to de-stress away from interruptions and distractions - allowing a refreshing the mind and body. Try a hammock for relaxing exercises, such as for yoga stretches and breathing exercises. Spend some quality time away from phones, TV and the computer - you will be the better for it.

5. Family: It can be difficult in this hectic world to find time for some quality family together time. With criss-crossing work schedules, school, sports, finding a time when the whole family is together can be difficult. Try a change by setting some time aside to jump in a hammock and relax together. Chat, share stories, laugh and catch-up on each other's lives. Make the most of your time out spend it together with family strengthening the family bond. Read a book to your children, or enjoy a glass of wine and some quiet time away from interruptions with your partner. Turn on some music and just enjoy the closeness of your family. Regular time spent doing this is sure to bring the family closer together and strengthen family ties and relationships.
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