Where ever in the world you live we are able to ship our authentic Mexican Hammocks and Mexican Blankets to you! Our product range includes several different styles of Mexican hammocks (double, queen, king, chair & resort style) and Mexican blankets. All of our products are hand made by the traditional Mayan villages under comfortable working conditions (they are made in their home – this way the mothers do not have to leave their family during the day and work at their own pace).

Once you have decided on the style we will do our very best to provide it to you in the colours you would like (from plain (e.g. white/natural), cool (e.g. blue & green), warm colours (e.g red, & yellow) to bright multiple colours. With hundreds of different colour combinations in stock we should be able to find a close match.

If you are in:

Prices are in your own local currency so there is no worry of exchange rate charges and deviations. 

If you live outside these areas simply visit the contact Us page and get in touch. We will be able to provide you with a quote. Naturally, if the hammock/blanket you are buying is a gift we can arrange for it to be sent anywhere in the world.

Delivery usually takes between 2-7 working days from when the order is placed. All orders are priority shipped and you will be provided with a tracking number upon dispatch.

We use PayPal to ensure secure online transactions and ensure purchasing our products is as easy as can be.