Below are simple steps to follow in assembling your wooden hammock stand. All the necessary tools and pieces are included with your new stand purchased through Hammocks Australia online store.

Step 1

Place the two shorter wooden pieces parallel on the ground approximately 2m apart. The arcs should be facing down so that the two ends are touching the ground as shown below.

wooden hammock frame


Step 2

Locate one of the remaining pieces of wood with three holes drilled on the side of each end. Place this piece so that the hole on the top lines up with one of the outside holes on the pieces of wood from step one.

Locate one of the shorter bolts, 2 rubber washes, 2 metal washes and a nut. Place a rubber washer and then a metal washer on the bolt and thread through the two pieces of wood as shown on the right.

Once threaded through place a rubber washer on the other end, a metal washer and then screw the nut on just enough for it to be on the thread (do not tighten as shown below). Do the same for the other end of the wood.

wooden frame hammock


Step 3

Follow the same steps as step 2 for the remaining piece of wood with three holes drilled on the side at each end. This piece needs to be lined up with the two outside holes of the base piece. There will be a space between the two pieces of wood. Once you have done this it should look as shown in the picture below.

free standing wooden hammock


Step 4

You will need a second person to help with this step. Take one of the remaining pieces of wood and place the end with the three holes on the side and one at the top in between the two pieces of wood so that the end arcs up. Line up the single hole with the remaining single hole on the stand base. Thread a short bolt through with washes as previously done and again do not tighten the bolt. You can now line up and insert the three long bolts through all three pieces of wood. You may need to move the stand base slightly for the holes to line up. You should not need  the use of a hammer or any other device. Your stand will now look as follows.

timber frame hammock


Step 5

Carry out the same steps as in 4 for the remaining piece of wood and insert the eye bolts with washes. Your stand should now look like the following.
assembled hammock frame

Step 6

You can now tighten all of the nuts. Do not over tighten. You are now ready to secure your hammock to the eye bolts. You may need to reverse one or both of the eye bolts so the hammock arcs correctly.
hammock stand wooden
Step 7: Relax! Your hammock is ready to lay in.
wood hammock