As we progress into winter in Australia you may think now is not such a good time to use or buy a hammock.. While the weather may not be as intuitive to lazying about in a hammock there are still some benefits to buying and using a hammock over winter.

Getting Outside - Often over winter we sadly spend too much time inside the home, at the office and in the car. We don't spend so much time outside. While this is often due to the weather, we still get a good amount of beautiful winter days. Those lovely calm, but cooler days. Make the most of these, by putting your hammock up and spending some time relaxing in it. Get some good fresh air and valuable vitamin D. And while it may be cool, it is a pleasant experience to rug up in your hammock and get cozy.

spreader bar hammock and blanket

The lower winter temperatures are also good in that the suns rays are not as strong, so you are at less risk of sunburn!

Inside Hammock - Our range of hammocks are equally at home indoors as outdoors. Attach a couple of sturdy hammock hooks in your bedroom, or lounge and put your hammock up in there. Very comfortable and relaxing curled up in a hammock inside on a wet day with a good book, or just spending time with the kids or partner.

hammock in bedroom

Covered patios and enclosed sunrooms are also great places to setup your hammock over winter.

Not everywhere is cold over winter. For example Cairns temps still range from 17-26C over the winter months! A great climate for getting outside and into your hammock.

Perhaps you are traveling somewhere warmer. Grab a lighweight travel hammock and head to the pacific islands for a bit of summer relief or add one to your pack for a European vacation or OE. 

Plus Spring and Summer are always just around the corner from Winter. Buy now, and while enjoying over winter, you are all setup and ready to go once the warmer weather comes back.

So, NO! Winter is not such a bad time to buy a hammock. It is a great way to get yourself outside and relaxing in the clean fresh air without such risk of sunburn. You can set your hammock up inside in your lounge, bedroom, sunroom or covered patio. Plus there are still beautifully warm areas of Australia that are suited for some lazy hammock time in the sun!

Have a safe and relaxing Winter from the Team @ Hammocks Australia