There are many different hammock frames available in the market so it can be difficult in deciding which one is right for you. The important questions to help with your decision are:

1. How much space do you have? Some hammock owners may only have a limited indoor area or a compact balcony to lie in their hammock. Be sure to measure the available space if it is going to be used in a confined space. Stands can range from around 2.5 metres to over 4 metres in length. 4 Metres might not sound like a lot but believe me it is!

2. What type of hammock will you be using? There are several various styles of hammocks available to purchase. Having the appropriate distance between the two fixing points is of paramount importance. If there isn’t enough room then the hammock will not give a natural lie and your body will make the letter ‘V’. If there is more space than required this is easy to fix by using either rope or chain to bridge the distance between the ends of the hammock and where it joins the hammock stand.

3. How much weight does the hammock frame need to hold? Wooden hammock frames tend to be more solid and sturdy in comparison to metal stands and therefore often support a greater weight. Will two people be lying in the hammock or one larger person? If so this needs to factor in.

4. Is the hammock frame going to be transported frequently? If the frame is regularly going to be assembled and disassembled each time it is used or transported around (beach, park, backyard…) then the time taken to assemble and the weight of the pieces of stand will need to be considered. Some wooden stands weight inexcess of 40kg and comes in 6 parts. This may prove difficult for someone who isn’t very strong to transport and construct.

5. How long do you want the stand to last? Both frames will wear over time, but can be protected by sheltering or covering when not in use. If you do have a wooden stand and it is going to be left outside it is a good idea to reapply a coat of lacquer every 6 months. Doing this will drastically increase your wooden hammock frames life. Metal stands can also easily be repainted such as with a can of spray paint which only takes a few minutes. This is a good idea particular if the paint is fading, or there is exposed metal which has been chipped or scratched off to prevent rusting. 

Once you have answered most of the above questions, if not all, you will have a better understanding of which hammock frame will be suitable from various suppliers. Hammocks Australia provides a metal hammock frame and a wooden hammock frame. Further information on each can be view by clicking on the hyperlink. Should you have any questions please contact us.

metal hammock stand 

wooden hammock stand