Finally the worst of the winter weather is behind us. The days are starting to slowly get longer the temperature is noticeably warmer.

Now is one of the best times of year to get out and about, and of course get your hammock hung back up and positioned in the garden. 

Hammock in garden

Spring is a fantastic time of year to spend time outdoors, you can really notice the change of season as leaves start emerging from their buds, baby birds can be heard chirping and out in the country there are plenty of lambs bouncing round.

It is always around this time of year we look to move our hammocks from indoors to outdoors. Not quite sunbathing weather yet, but still warm enough to spend some quality relaxation time. Enjoy a bit of comfort and make your plans for summer. Get back into a good book, or just sway away the hours with a loved one. All perfect excuses (not that you need one) to get in some hammock time.

Just before you all rush out and put your hammocks back up, it does always pay at the start of the season to check you hammock and setup. 

Check the hammock to make sure it is still maintaining itself and is safe to use, check for any broken or frayed cords. Also check any rope and fixtures and fittings you may use to hang your hammock. Make sure everything is still in good order and safe to use. 

If you do just need to replace a few accessories, we have all you need here at Hammocks Australia - hanging rope, screws, hooks and hammock protection covers to protect your hammock from those spring showers. Even if you feel you hammock has ekked out the last of it's life, check out our great range and get back into the comfort of a new hammock.

If you do feel it is still a bit cool to spend too long in your hammock, then you can keep yourself warm with an authentic Mexican blanket. Beautifully coloured, warm and a lovely complement to a Mexican Hammock.

Enjoy your spring, and roll on summer! Wishing you a safe, relaxing and fun spring. The Hammocks Australia Team.