Hammocks Australia has always long proclaimed the benefits of using and sleeping in a hammock and just recently a Swiss study has backed this up.

A study was conducted to compare the differences in sleeping in a simulated gently rocking hammock bed and a normal fixed bed. The time taken to fall asleep and also the time taken to achieve deep sleep were measured.

The study results including on average sleep being achieved one minute faster, and also entering a deeper stage of sleep more than three minutes faster when in the hammock as compared to the bed.

"We observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every participant in the swinging condition," says Sophie Schwartz, a neuroscientist at the Sleep and Cognition Neuroimaging Lab at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the study's lead author.

"Not only does rocking make us fall asleep more quickly, but it also makes people sleep more deeply throughout the nap," she explains.

From our own customers we have also heard many times the great benefits they have found from sleeping in a hammock, and the alleviation of sleep related problems. Some such feedback we have received;

"..for the first time in nearly 10 years we have her sleeping for 8 hours in it. Relief to all of us."

" My daughter was having a lot of sleeping problems (really bad insomnia and lots of achy-ness from her bed).  Now that she’s got her hammock up in her bedroom (and sleeps in it every night), she falls right to sleep, sleeps like a log, and wakes up before the alarm goes off – raring to go for the day.  (She used to drag out of bed totally exhausted.)  She says the whole experience is totally amazing, like sleeping in a soft web, the softest bed ever.  Needless to say, we parents are thrilled."

"The first day when I went in it at 14.00 to try I felt asleep and woke up at 16.00. A friend of mine on the picture tried the hammock, but came out after 10 minutes, because he did not want to fall asleep"

sleeping in a hammock

We are not the only ones to extol the benefits of sleeping in a hammock also as this excellent article also looks into the '8 reasons to swap your bed for a hammock.'  

So next time you want a quicker deep sleep whether it is a nap or for the whole night consider the benefits hammocks offer. At Hammocks Australia we have a great range of sizes and styles all offering great comfort and support for your most comfortable sleep and relaxation experience. 

From the Team @ Hammocks Australia