As an online store Hammocks Australia is very aware of the need to provide confidence and protection to our online shoppers – it can be scary buying online out there! When shopping online from any site there are a number of things you should look out for to ensure what you see is what you get.  Along with certain safeguards you can take.

Even when purchasing locally online in Australia it is still very important to not take everything at face value. There are a number of things to look for within the site to ensure a safe reliable transaction.

Contact - Is it easy to contact the business/person? There should be multiple ways of contacting someone, whether you have questions, or if something does go wrong. You should at least expect to see a local accessible telephone number, and an email address (preferably not a free gmail or hotmail). Many online businesses are just that so they may not provide a detailed physical address. An indication of where they are based though is good to see.  At Hammocks Australia, we make it as easy as possible for customers to get hold of us by provide multiple email address, a telephone contact number, skype online calling and instant chat, along with this blog, we even have a hammock facebook page here!

ABN – If you are buying from a Australian business they should have their ABN – Australian Business Number displayed somewhere. This is good to see so that you know you are dealing with a legitimate business.

Shipping/Tracking Info – There should be clear details on shipping costs plus the dispatch and delivery process. How long does it take to process and dispatch an order, are all items in stock, or are goods drop-shipped – if so do they explain what this means? What are the associated shipping costs?  At Hammocks Australia free shipping is included on all orders, we also hold all our products on hand.  This means your order is processed the same day you order, and usually sent out the same day. At the lastest this is the following morning.  The only exception to this is our hammock stands which due to the large size in weight, in an attempt to keep the cost of these down we do not offer free shipping, or hold this on hand. Delivery is still very quick usually within 2-4 days with these.

Guarantee – Is a guarantee on products offered? Is it fair and easy to understand? Ensure you understand the conditions of a guarantee as some stores will charge you restocking and other associated fees on returned stock.  At Hammocks Australia we offer this simple fair guarantee “All our hammocksblankets and scarves are checked and inspected to ensure they are of the utmost quality. We are sure you’ll love your purchase. However we want to ensure you are happy with your purchase, so if for any reason you are unhappy with your product, simply return as new for a replacement or refund of your purchase price within the first 30 days.”

Testimonials – One of the best ways to find out about a product is from other people. So check for a testimonial  or feedback section on a site. Is there available feedback from previous customers to read? What do they have to say? We have some great customer feedback and photos on our testimonial page here.

Questions – Usually we all have a couple of questions when buying something offline in a retail store, so when online the same generally applies. You should expect a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section detailing common questions, and if you email a query you should get an answer the same day. If it takes a long time to hear back, this may not be a good indication of how long it will take to receive your purchase, or how quickly any errors will be addressed.  We provide a very detailed FAQ’s Section on our website, and will answer all your queries the same day (within reason, we do sleep at some stage!)

Payment – How is payment made on the site? Is it a trusted reliable provider, and what protection does it offer you? Always check for secure signs when purchasing so you know your credit card or account details are safe. We use Paypal for all our credit card transactions who are a world leader in online payments. Very trusted and highly secure all transactions are totally secure, we never see your credit card details at any stage.

Followup – When you purchase online is it always nice to know you order has been received and appreciated.When you purchase from us, we will reply to you ASAP thanking you and confirming your order, along with providing tracking details for your package. We keep you informed every step of the way.

There you go! Hopefully that provides some useful information to help you safely shop online this summer season. See our online hammock store for the ideal summer holiday and Christmas gifts!