At Hammocks Australia we like to think of our Mexican Double Hammock as the perfect personal hammock. Small, lightweight and very comfortable.

The Double Hammock packs up nice and small, not much bigger than a lunch box and only weighs in at 1kg. This makes it supremely versatile, ideal as a travel hammock, bedroom or garden hammock.  Often popular for trampers and surfers, who can easily find room in their packs or board bags saving the need for mattresses or bulky camp stretches. Simply find a couple of suitable trees, or use the roof rack on your car and you have your bed for the night.

While called a double hammock it is best suited to one person, however two can fit in or it is also a great size for the kids. They’ll love having their own hammock and own space to have some quiet time out, or read their favourite book. Much like a bed two adults can fit in a double, but it may be a bit tight, whereas with a Queen or King size bed there is ample room for two or more!

double hammock

The double hammock makes an ideal gift, at a very affordable price. Especially popular for Christmas and birthdays, a great unique gift that is authentically hand-woven and produced in friendly fair trade conditions, by artisan weavers in Mexico. It is sure to be a hit every time. With unique colours and patterns each hammock is not only functional, extremely comfortable but very beautiful.