Hammocks Australia has just launched a new tubular metal hammock stand. We have received many enquiries from website visitors who were after an affordable, portable and sturdy metal stand. This new freestanding hammock stand is easy to transport and assemble. The specs are:

  • Length 290cm
  • Width 126cm
  • Height 145cm
  • Weight Capacity: 200KG

metal hammock stand


Our new metal hammock stand complements our Cypress Wooden stand and may be more appropriate for those wishing for astandalone hammock to move the stand around the house/back yard or to quickly transport the stand so that it can be used at a park, bbq, beach or friends place. 

In comparison the wooden hammock stand, the sizing required is approximately a metre less, so this can make it good smaller areas, whether this is you garden, patio or balcony. It also weighs a lot less so is easier to move about, and is quickly and easily assembled and dissambled in  under 5 minutes. 

February has been a very exciting month for us with the launch of this new product along with our new USA online hammock store – www.hammockshopusa.com which provides the same range of quality fair trade Mexican hammocks with free direct delivery from Mexico to the USA. Should you have friends and family in the states this is a great option to send them authentic Mexican gifts.

Please contact us if you have any questions.