If you are like me and need to stretch on daily basis then consider using a Mexican Blanket. Until recently, I always stretched standing up however my chiro told me this is straining other areas of my body and therefore not as effective as stetching on the ground. Stretching on the ground requires a hard flat and comfortable surface. Concrete is hard but uncomfortbale; grass is a bit better but can be cold,  damp and irritable and carpet is very irritable on most skins!

mexican yoga exercise blanket

The best solution I found is to use my Mexican blanket on a carpet floor. All of our blankets are made from soft cotton with a very tight weave. This makes it easy to move around as required by certain stretches. It also means no more itchiness, grazes or stickiness from perspiration. Should they become dirty or sweaty, they can simply be washed in a washing machine also. A gentle cold wash will do the trick and keep you blanket looking fresh and bright.

Other ground based exercises can benefits from these hammocks such as yoga and once finished they make great 'cool down' blankets post workout. 

They are easy to fold and store in a cupboard until the next time you need to use it. In additon the blankets are very versatile and can be used for picnics, at the beach, to protect couches, as rugs, car seat covers and for yoga blankets/pilates.