hammock repair

While a Mexican hammock is a very strong and supportive hammock giving you years of solid use, there may be times where it may need minor repairs.

Due to the nature of the tight interwoven pattern of the hammock, you may have at some stage accidently have pulled a cord out of from the body weave.  This will create a tightening of one length of cord and leave out a little hanging loop.  No fear though, this is straighford and easy enough to repair yourself.  Below is a video that will demonstrate how to easily fix this minor problem and repair your Mexican hammock so you can quickly have your hammock back in tip-top shape.

Thanks to our fantastic team in Mexico for making this video.

The best way to avoid something like this happening is to just be gentle when handling your hammock, whether packing and storing, climbing in and out or changing position.  Always hold your hammock by the ends (loops), and avoid dragging it on the ground or catching it on tree branches, or anything else that could hook the hammock.  Also be careful with the clothing you are wearing, buttons and velcro can easily get caught in the weave or attached to the hammock cords themselves causing this type of damage.

This is rare to happen though, so just sit back relax and enjoy your hammock for years to come.

If you do however have a hammock that is approaching the end of it’s life you can find a great range of new quality hand-woven Mexican hammocks right here!