All of our hammocks are 100% handwoven and take between 5-30 days to make. Generally smaller Mexican Hammocks, such as our Double Hammock, in a fairly simple colour scheme will take a few solid days. The larger the hammock and the more extensive the colours scheme; the longer it will take to weave. Our online retail store includes the Queen, King, Resort Hammocks and Chair style hammocks which provides people with a wide variety of choice to ensure we have a hammock suitable for you!


Hammock Weaving


15-30 days may seem like a long time to make just one hammock but did you know each hammock has approximately 7km of cord in it. That is a lot! Upon a closer inspection you will soon realise just how tightly woven our authentic Mexican hammocks are. The reason why the traditional Mayans weave their hammock like this is to ensure your body having maximum support. This is achieved through spreading your weight across as many weaves as possible and by doing so you will never experience a section of the hammock digging into your body. I’m sure we have all experience this with cheaper imitations.

You can view an online demonstration of one of our Mexican Hammocks being woven through this blog post.