At Hammocks Australia we try our best to not only have our hammocks delivered as quick as possible, but also provide the necessary hammock accessories to allow you to quickly and easily hang your hammock upon receipt.

Often you may have some old rope lying round the place, but maybe not, and so to save you a trip to the hardware store we stock rope lengths to hang your hammock.

Another couple of handy accessories we have are hammock screw eye hooks, and hammock 'S' hooks. These are very useful and easy to use fittings to help get your hammock setup in your desired place. The screw eye hooks will simply screw into a beam or wood wall (just ensure you screw into a joist or similar strong section) from which you can then slip on a 'S' hook and then your hammock. With the 'S' hook this is a great time save for hanging and unhanging your hammock. Ideal to allow you to move the hammock from in to outdoors and protected when the weather turns wet.

Hammock Screws and Hooks

If you are leaving your hammock outdoors the majority of the time, then you can't go past a hammock cover. This is a great investment to protect and prolong the life of you hammock. Slip the cover over one end of the hammock and then extend it out over the whole hammock when not in use. The plastic weather proof cover when then keep your hammock safe and dry from the elements.

Hammock Protection Cover

The final accessories we have to make your hammock life that much easier is our great hammock stands. Available as a metal hammock frame or a beautiful wooden hammock stand, these stands are ideal for areas where you may not have the necessary fittings or trees to hang your hammock. These are great for moving your hammock around to various spots in your garden or patio, to either follow or shade from the sun.

Hammock Stand and Black and White Hammock

Should you ever need any advice on hanging your hammock or hammock accessories you may require please contact the team and we'll be happy to help.