At Hammocks Australia we strongly believe in producing and selling a high quality great value product. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the comfort and relaxation of a good hammock yet not have to travel all the way to Mexico to get one!

For these reasons we are not into flashy sales and deep price slashing, or what is often seen as a common practice of over-inflating or overstating prices only drop them to try and impress upon a large saving. We set what we see as a 'fair price' for all - our weavers in Mexico and our local Australian customers. We also consider our pricing in terms of what we would be willing to pay and seems fair, not on complex calculations and high margins.

We like to see income going back to the people that make our amazing hammocks, and for you to enjoy a valued product. We strive to excel in a quality product and provide outstanding customer service, so through and through you are getting and enjoying a great value product.

From time to time we do try to further enhance your value through our specials and package deals and often free items, such as HB sunglasses this month.

HB Sunglasses Giveaway

Recently we have some great value package available combining our range of metal hammock stands and hammocks. Now there is no excuse you don't have somewhere to hang your hammock with our discounted hammock stands.

From the Team @ Hammocks Australia