He’s out there every weekend, mowing the lawns, washing the car, maintaining the house, barbequing dinner, taking the kids to sport games (weaving hammocks?). It's SuperDad!

September 5 is the day we take to really show our appreciated for our Fathers and all the things they do for us.

However if your Father is like many, then he has likely already got the garage and shed full up with his every tool. So you may be struggling to think what to get him..

We reckon we have the perfect gift for your Father. Our hand-woven hammocks are strong supporivet and extremely comfortable. Not your poor quality store bought ones that will get used one and then buried somewhere in the back of the shed, but an authentic Mexican handmade hammocks that will provide your father with years of quality relaxation and enjoyment (after he’s done the lawns of course!).

Ideally suited to any size Father, the King Size hammock supports up to 250kg, so room enough for the largest dad, plus the loving family also!

So chuck a few cold ones in the fridge for Dad and give him the gift of relaxation this Fathers day with his own authentic Mexican hammock. He will not be disappointed.

mexican hammock


If he doesn’t have anywhere to hang the hammock then check out our range of hammock stands which will allow the hammock to be setup in any outdoor seating. 

wooden hammock stand


Wishing all fathers the best of day’s on September 5. Hope you all get a bit of relaxation from the Hammocks Australia Team.