Are you tired of receiving or giving your staff the same traditional Christmas hamper, gift voucher or movie tickets every year? After all they have put in a massive effort all year and play an integral part of your business. For a unique, deserved and sure to be enjoyed gift - Mexican hammocks are the perfect solution as a corporate Christmas present. Giving your workforce a hammock will be sure to create a smile from ear to ear as big as a… well… hammock!

The days are now lengthening, the weather is warming and believe it or not Christmas is fast approaching. Now is the time to start preparing the most memorable staff gift your employees will have received from you. This is a big statement but let me quantify it. What do the Christmas holidays mean to you? Your typical Aussie response includes:

  • family
  • relaxing
  • holiday
  • outdoors / sun / beach
  • warm breeze
  • festive season drinks

Our Mexican Hammocks places a tick next to each of these bullets. We have a variety of authentic Mexican hammocks to chose from depending on your employees title, their demographics and of course your budget! The options available include the following cotton hammocks or nylon hammocks:

Each hammock is hand-woven in different colours so all of your staff will have their own unique present! We also have Mexican Blankets which are cotton blend. These are perfect to use as rugs or blankets whether it be at the beach, in a park or even your own backyard.

Mexican hammocks as make a great promotional item for your business. As a gift to new clients or giveaways with other complimentary purchases they work very well. Perhaps you want to thank key customers or suppliers, a quality hammock is sure to be much better received than another box of chocolate - showing more thought and caring from you.

Visit the contact us section on our website to contact us directly. We can provide orders of any size and competitive bulk pricing so talk to us about your needs.

We are sure your staff will come back after the Christmas break much more refreshed, relaxed and ready to get back into work after spending some quality time off in their Mexican hammocks.