Hammocks Australia is very excited to now offer a chair hammock stand which is perfect for our Mexican Chair Hammock. This article explains how easy it is to put the chair hammock stand together.

  1. Connect the ‘U’ shaped piece to the two ‘L’ shaped pieces. There is a single whole at one end of the ‘L’ shaped pieces. Line it up with the hole in the ‘U’ shaped piece and screw a bolt in each.
  2. Connect the 4 plastic caps so that the metal bars do not touch the ground.

chair hammock frame assembly guide step 1

3. Pull a white cap over each of the silver polls and slide the silver poll into the top of each ‘L’

4. With the remaining ‘V’ shaped piece slide this over each vertical silver piece. You have a choice of different height settings so set as required. Screw the remaining four bolts in.


chair hammock frame assembly guide step 2


5.Attached the spring to the top of the upside down ‘V’. Your chair hammock stand is now ready to be used!

As seen in the below image, perfect for decks and balconies where space may be at a premium in both houses, units and apartments. Strong and sturdy yet lightweight enough so you can move it to various spots in your garden or easily break it down for transport. Well suited with Mexican chair hammocks, giving you enough room to stretch out full length - maintaining support from head to foot. Suitable even for tall people like Guy below who is over 6ft, yet can still stretch right out in comfort.


hammock chair stand assembled


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From the Team @ HammocksAustralia.com.au