One of the main things that Hammocks Australia prides itself on is the quality of all our products and the great attention to detail that goes into ensuring they are of the utmost quality for our customers.

Some suppliers have large warehouses of hammocks, where the hammocks sit around gathering dust until they are sold and exported.  We work closely with a smaller scale supplier who while maintaining a level of stock for us, is always regularly turning over new stock.  This means you are getting a ‘freshly made’ hammock in top condition every time.

Every time we travel to Mexico to meet with our friends and suppliers we always come away impressed with the personal attention to detail and assurance of a quality product. We watch the hammock process from weaving, through to collection, checking, weighing, rechecking, folding, weighing, bagging and packing.  It is no quick or simple process but a time consuming manual one.  Our small team work amazingly quickly and efficiently processing our large orders to send across the Pacific to us here in Sydney, Australia.

All hammocks are checked twice once by two weavers before being accepted into stock.  In the unlikely event of any flaws are found in the hammock, these hammocks are then put aside and repaired by our best weavers within the shop.  Any hammocks that for any reason may have gotten dirty or dusty on their trip from the villages are all washed and dried prior to packing and rechecking.

Checking hammock quality