While the desire for many is to relax, lay back and enjoy a hammock in their back garden, unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to have perfectly spaced trees for tree straps, or suitable fixtures to simply hang a hammock from.

However sometimes it does just require a bit of creativity and thought before you come up with a suitable spot for a hammock.

Some potential hammock hanging ideas

  • Perhaps you can bolt or screw some attachments straight into and outside wall (be sure to attach to a solid joist), or the corner of your house and then onto a single tree.
  • As above but if you don’t have a tree digging in a solid post to attach the other end of the hammock to.
  • Verandah or patio beams can sometimes be overlooked and provide a lot of different options to hang hammocks from.
  • Inside, you could hang a hammock across a room by attached strong screws or bolts directly into wall joists. Then use something like our S hooks to allow easy hanging and taking down of the hammock when not in use, so the room can be used for other uses.
  • Use of existing fence posts.
  • Across the corner of a deck or fence
  • Overhead beams.

hammock hanging area

So if you are struggling to think of somewhere to hang a hammock have another look around your setup, you may have overlooked a simply option that could give a great relaxation spot.


hammock in a bedroom 

Perhaps you are renting though or are not waiting to drill holes in your house, in that case you could consider a stand alone hammock frame. Available in wood or metal variations that give you added hammock portability and create a great feature in all settings.

Hammocks Australia wishing you a safe and relaxing swing as you enjoy your summer time.