One of the most common questions we get asked here at Hammocks Australia is what is the difference between a cotton hammock and nylon Mexican hammock?

Firstly whether it is a cotton hammock or nylon hammock, the process and weave is exactly the same.  The hammocks are still hand-woven to the same high quality standards in the same fashion, the only difference is the cord type.

The characteristic differences are that the cotton corded hammocks are softer and have more give or stretch. This can make them slightly more comfortable, as they conform better to your body shape. Nylon hammocks are still also a very comfortable hammock and do not have a harsh feel at all like some people perceive. The main difference from cotton as that they don't have as much give so are slightly firmer, but this is reflects in greater durability. This can make them better for constant outdoor use if exposed to elements constantly or close to the beach etc.  They have a silky smooth feel and very bright glossy colours.

Both will come in a variety of vibrant colours, yet the cotton colours will have more of a matt finish, and the nylon will be very glossy and shiny.

Both types should be looked after with similar care, and kept dry and protected from the elements when not in use to enhance the lifespan of your hammock.


Cotton Hammock 

cotton hammock

Nylon Hammock

 nylon hammock

As you can see from the images there is a slight variation in the colouring of the cord used in the hammocks.  Both the nylon and cotton hammock will however have the arms or ends made in nylon. You do not lay on this bit so this it done to enhance the strength of and prolong the life of the hammocks.

All hammocks offered by Hammocks Australia are available in cotton or nylon cord varieties, and each with their own unique colour options. Both cost the same.