We have always know we have had the best quality Mexican blankets in Australia and a recent customer has also come to that conclusion after purchasing one of ours for herself and receiving another as a gift but from a different supplier. Here is her comments to us;

"Ps the blanket is such beautiful quality. Funnily, a friend gave us one as a gift recently as she knew we had the hammock arriving. It’s lovely of course however nowhere near the quality of yours. So good to see the comparison."

Mexican Rug

So if you are looking for the best quality Mexican blankets in Australia be sure to check out our range.We have the softest authentic Mexican Blankets available in Australia! This is a big claim but one we are proud of and live up to. Online shopping is a tricky for customers as you can never tell the quality from a photo. Our blankets have a very nice soft feel to them. When selecting our supplier in Mexico, we were offered different levels of quality. While costing more, without hesitation we selected the best quality they offered. They just have such a beautiful feel to them. Especially in comparison to the majority found elsewhere, which have quite a hard and harsh feeling to them and are not so nice on your bare skin. Not the most comfortable for curling up with on a couch!

Mexican Blanket on Lounge Suite

When searching online for Mexican Blankets you will be lead to believe from the pictures that all Mexican Blankets are the same. This certainly is not the case. How do we know? We have tested several Mexican blankets sold through various online shops and to our surprise their blankets are a lot coarser than ours. This explains why they are able to provide them at a lower price. At the end of the day the old adage is true- ‘you get what you pay for’.

Mexican blankets can be used for many different purposes including to lay on at the beach, to cover/protect the couch, keep warm in the cooler months, as a double, queen or king size bed blanket. These colourful Mexican Blankets are sure to add colour and life to any setting. They also make a practical yet much appreciated and enjoyed gift for nearly anyone.

A further area our Mexican blankets are used are as car upholstery. Please refer to the pictures below for images.

Mexican Blanket Car Seat Upholstery photo 1

Mexican blanket for car upholstery

Mexican Blanket Car Seat Upholstery photo 2

Mexican blanket for car seat cover

We 100% believe Hammocks Australia provide the softest blankets. So much so that we are prepared to give you a full refund if you purchase one of our Mexican Blankets and have a doubt that it is not the softest available in Australia.


Custom Coloured Mexican Blankets

Most sport fans are quite passionate about their team whether it is at local club level or national.  We are able to supply your Mexican blanket in your favourite teams colours. For example an Aussie supporter dons the green and gold whilst a Kiwi supporter loves the black and white.

Mexican Black and White Blanket

Just let us know what colour combinations you are after and if don’t have it in stock we will arrange for it to be made and shipped out to you. Please note this may take a few weeks in some instances as all Mexican blankets are made in Merida, Mexico. Similarly we can offer this same option for our Mexican blankets. Uniquely woven in your teams or personal favourite colours.


So relax assured that when purchasing a Mexican blanket from Hammocks Australia you are receiving the best quality around! Similarly all our Mexican hammocks are top quality, hand-woven by our amazing weavers in Mexico to provide you with superior comfort.

orange mexican blanket


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