It is probably around this time of year that you are ready to put you hammock back up outdoors and enjoy some time relaxing and unwinding.

There is no better way to relax than in a hammock with a good book and a cold drink, but there are also other ways to get great use from your hammock. Perhaps there are few other options here you might not have considered.


Sleeping: Recently we received some very positive feedback from a mother whom had purchased a cotton king size hammock for her daughter. Her daughter was having a lot of sleeping problems including insomnia and bed aches. The hammock was trialed as an alternative sleeping option for the night and within a couple of days her daughter was enjoying a sound nightly sleep. ” My daughter was having a lot of sleeping problems (really bad insomnia and lots of achy-ness from her bed).  Now that she’s got her hammock up in her bedroom (and sleeps in it every night), she falls right to sleep, sleeps like a log, and wakes up before the alarm goes off – raring to go for the day.  (She used to drag out of bed totally exhausted.)  She says the whole experience is totally amazing, like sleeping in a soft web, the softest bed ever.  Needless to say, we parents are thrilled.”

mexican blanket hammock

Family Time: Another customer reported that every day after work her and her kids would jump into the hammock together to talk about their day and then read a book together. A perfect opportunity for some close family bonding.

family hammock

Gifts: Give the gift of relaxation! Many hammocks are purchased as gifts, and an authentic Mexican hammock or Mexican blanket make a perfectly unique and practical gift especially for housewarmings and weddings.

Exercise: Some people even use hammocks and blankets for exercise, such as yoga and breathing exercises. And what better way than to finish your work out than to lay back and have a little nap.

exercise blanket


Garden Feature: Perhaps you have just landscape or redone the garden and are looking for something functional to fill a space or area. A hammock and hammock stand or frame make excellent features to enhance any outdoor setting as well as providing excellent functionally. Either between your favourite trees, or on the new patio, bring some colour and life to your outdoor setting.


Daydream, de-stress, plan, think: All are perfectly achievable as you relax in your hammock. Spend a few minutes each day to go over the day. Clear your mind of any stresses. Plan out the following day or make further ahead plans. Keep a pen and paper handy as you are likely to have some great ideas pop into your head that you’d like to write down.

Music: Put on your favourite Artist or radio station and just listen to the music. Or if you play an instrument try playing it in the hammock. You can very comfortably sit back in the hammock with your guitar and strum away the afternoon, or write some laid back tunes!

guitar hammock

So there are plenty more excuses there to help you get greater use out of your hammock. While our Mexican hammocks provide the ultimate in hammock comfort, you can still achieve a great deal while you relax!

Wishing you a good swing over the Spring and coming summer - the Hammocks Australia Team.