The chair hammock stand is a very versatile and convenient hammock stand. While the Mexican chair hammock is an easy to hang hammock requiring only one fixing point, the chair hammock stand offers a number of advantages.

- Indoor or Outdoors; A chair hammock stand is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Set one up in the living room to watch TV, use as additional seating for a party, or put one in the kids room so they can have their own peaceful space to read and relax in. Just as suited to outdoor use with a white paint powder coating to protect the metal from the elements. Perfect for nearly any outdoor space all you need is a small flat section of ground, decking to set it up on.
- Portable; Simple to move either assembled or quick and easy to disassemble allowing you to setup your hammock chair and stand in a variety of settings - such as at the beach!  With only a few pieces to assemble, you can take down and fit into the boot or backset of your car to take on a day out, to the holiday home, or regular camping trip. 
- No need for tree climbing or drilling; With a chair hammock stand you don't need a perfectly positioned overhead tree branch or beam to fix your hammock to. Save the effort of trying to climb a tree, or throwing a rope around a branch to attach your hammock. Also saves the need to drill into a beam or ceiling to attachment fittings. Great if you are flatting or renting and can make such alterations to the property. The hammock chair stand is at an easy height to simply attach the loop end of your chair hammock and you are good to go!
- Compact Space; The chair hammock frame has a very small footprint, meaning you can enjoy it on small balconies and patios or even line them up alongside each other for the whole family to enjoy.
- Easy to setup and take down; Simple chair stand instructions to set it up and take down with a few minutes. So you can easily pack it away at the end of the season, or transport it to another location.

 Chair Hammock Stand


 If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to enjoy your Mexican chair hammock that you can't go past the chair hammock stand from Hammocks Australia.